How much does a travel to Japan cost? Discover the prices for Flight to Japan, food and Hotels

So! Are you planning a trip to Japan, want to visit sometime soon? Very good! But you might be wondering just how much a trip to Japan costs, right? I’ll share my own experience with you so you can get a nice little jump start in setting up your own trip, flights, hotels, food, and much more included.


First of all, let’s start with the flying. Suggestion: take a look to JAL, Japanese airlines Website. Japanese airlines are very professional, safe and they’re not too expensive, either. There are a lot of direct-flying flights to Japan. On average, $1,200-1,500 USD are needed for a round-trip ticket from Chicago to Tokyo.

How long does a flight last?
Well, a lot. About 12-13 hours. Make yourself at home.

Flying to Japan

Let’s see… Now you’re in Japan! You’ll need an accommodation. Maybe in Tokyo or Kyoto. I suggest you to stay in Ryokan.

A ryokan is a type of traditional Japanese inn. They feature tatami-matted rooms, traditional food, public baths and they’re very friendly. If you are planning to stay in Kyoto I suggest you check out Ryokan Kohro: I’ve spent about two weeks during my trip to Kyoto there. The cordiality and decoration makes you feel very welcome. Price is around 10,000 Yen per night (about 90 USD) and even includes an abundant breakfast.
In Tokyo, I suggest you check out Edoya Hotel, very clean (well, I have to say that every public place is very clean in Japan, you’d will be amazed at the cleanliness of streets, public toilets and metro) and cheap. It’s just a short-haul from Tokyo’s center and it even has Onsen (thermal baths) too! The price is about 7,800 Yen per person, per night (About 70 USD).

Ryokan Kohro at Kyoto

So, let’s recap on charges! About 1,200 USD for the trip and 1,000 USD for 2 weeks on a Ryokan.

And… how much does “life” costs in Japan? Not so much different from here. With 20 USD you can have a complete meal, with about 8 USD you can go around on the metro for a whole day. Let’s say that with about 800 USD you can eat delicacies and explore all the city for 2 weeks, with metro or train included.

Fushimi Inari Temple

Overall, you can have a good trip, without too many renunciations, with about 3,000 USD.

Akihabara Tokyo

Remember that some travel companies specialized in Japan travels, could make you spare about 50% on the stay. A travel company is very useful, because they can tell you all the information you’d need about time for check-in at the airport, organization, Japanese welcome procedures, hotel reservations and so on.

Do not forget your passport! If you don’t have one, remember that you’ll need 2-3 months to get one!

Of course, all out-of-pocket expenses (manga, gadgets, hi-tech goodies, etc.) depends on you! 😉

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