Tutorial Manga Studio II: Using screen tones

In this tutorial article I want to show you how to apply screen-tones to your drawing. This is the sequel of our previous manga studio tutorial article.

retinatura con manga studio

manga studio

First of all re-open the drawing made before.

On the buttons toolbar click on this button, the screen tones tool.

screen tones

A window will pop up, letting you choose the folders with different types of screen tones. Choose the one that you like!

tutorial manga studio

To fill-up a specific area, use the tool magic wand.

magic wand

Once selected the area, drag and drop the screen tone inside of it. This procedure must be done for all the other areas. At the very end you should have an effect like this one:

insert screen tones manga studio

To better scratch a screen tone or to use it in a smoother way, we can transform it in grayscale double-clicking the area to transform, and modify the Method box as shown below. Choose Gray.

manga studio

Our screen tone will become a gray pattern, a lot more comfortable for our eyes and a bit more handful to be scratched.
If you want to turn it back to a screen tone, redo the process using Tone Method.

Now, to scratch the screen tone and to create the typical blur that you see in all mangs, choose the rubber tool and, from its menu, Erase Tool Options tune it at the minimum, to thin the line as more as possible.

rubber erase

Now let’s begin erasing the choosen area, even turning the page if necessary, moving the pen with a firm hand from the top to the bottom to avoid tremble lines.

manga studio ex tutorial

Once you are satisfied of the result, change the tool back from gray to screen tone, as described above. (method – Tone)

Now let’s add a background (or use the screen tone function if you have drawn it) and, once finished, SAVE!

Now it’s the time to export your work!

Choose File -> Export and then Export Image by Pixel Specification.

export image manga studio

A window will pop up.
Now you have to set the Resolution: 72 dpi is enough, but if you want to print them or you need a even more defined work, you can upgrade it as you want.

Set Pixel Ratio as 100.0% to not degrade the drawing quality.

Now choose one of the three choices of Output Area after having a preview of it (I choose to save it within print guide).

Now choose RGB if you want to post your work on the web (nanoda, deviantart art, ecc.) without changing the other options and click ok,

Now choose where to save the file and in which format you want to export it (you can even chose to save it as PDF preserving all your open layers so you can even edit the file with Photoshop – and it’s a big deal!)

export image

And… That’s it! Our work! ^_^

manga studio ex

Thanks to Giorgio “Jojo” Battisti for the creation of the Manga Studio EX! Tutorial.
Go and have a look of his blog and his drawings!

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