Furoshiki: 1000 ways to carry your bento

Furoshiki is a piece of fabric inside wich Japanese people wrap every kind of stuff, in order to be able to carry it easily.


It is used most of the times to wrap bento (the traditional lunch-box) , and you can find it in a lot of different colors and patterns. During the years new way of tie and use it were invented, infact every object has a different shape, and for each shape there is a traditional way to tie furoshiki.

Otsukai Tsutsumi
This is the classical way to wrap something in a Furoshiki, it is very useful to carry Bento at school.

Yotsu musubi
This way of tieing is also used to wrap boxes, and all kind of rectangular or cubical objects, because you make a double tie it is “safer”

Suika Tsutsumi
This type of tie is very useful to carry spherical objects, the name Suika Tsutsumi infact means “Watermelon Case”. It is really useful because it transform a cloth in a handy bag.

Hon Tsutsumi
Have you ever had to carry two books you didn’t know how to carry comfortably? With Hon Tsutsumi you can solve the problem in a sec!

Maki tsutsumi
Maki tsutsumi it is the best way to wrap cylindrical objects in an elegant way.

NihonBin Tsutsumi
And last but not least, here it is a very easy way to carry two bottles, without making a lot of effort.

It is very aesy to wrap things and tie furoshiki, just try!
Do you know any different way to use it? Have you created any? Let us know! We want to hear your voice and learn from you! 🙂