Build your cube-character with cubeecraft

Would you like to have the expensive-Totoro-plushie™ but can’t afford it? Take this marvelous opportunity and create a cuboid version of it by yourself with paper and scissors.


The Name is cubeecraft, and it is a website where you can download a lot of paper models to fold, cut and stick together with glue, as well as get it on your brand new jeans. But, more importantly, now you can possess the cuboid avatar of your favourite character, right on the top of your desk!.

There are a lot of characters, from anime, manga, movies and cartoons. And if you really hate yourself, you can also download the basic PDF model, so you’ll will be able to create your cuboid creature and share it all over cubeworld.

So, since I love you all, I have copied all SIXTY-ONE cube-things below, so you can see them at once and dowload the model you like with a click. Would someone like to create a cubed-Akio?

Character001 Character002 Image25 Image26 Image21
Stormtrooper Dr.Venture Sachiel Mr.Stay Puft Boom Blox Chicken
Image28 Image27 Image29 Image30 Image31
The Rocketeer Kirby Lagann Companion Cube Usagi Yojimbo
mc chris dr. manhattan Image42 Image43 Image44
mc chris Dr.Manhattan Mario Goomba ? Block
Image49 Image50 Image54 Image55 Image56
Strongbad Bender Megaman Servbot NIN – The Slip
Image58 Image63 Image64 Image65 Image66
Peyton Manning Batman (60’s) MODOK Mike Haggar Iron Man
Image68 Image62 Image69 Image61 Image70
Hellboy Domo-kun Venus de Milo Indiana Jones Fertility Idol
Image71 Image72 Image73 Image74 Image75
LaDainian Tomlinson Ness Mr. Saturn Ultra Seven Kermit the Frog
Image76 Image77 Image78 Image79 Image80
Jason Voorhees Pee-wee Herman Chairy Batman Beyond Space Ghost
Image81 Image82 Image83 Image85 Image86
Lucas Claus “Duck Hunt” Dog Gir The Brain
Image87 Image89 Image90 Image93 Image102
Puffer Fish The Prince Totoro Two-Face Molotov
Image94 Image95 Image96 Image97
Hellboy (movie ver) Liz Sherman Abe Sapien Johann Kraus
Image33 Image34 Image36 Image37
Master Chief Hedorah Dr.Zoidberg Mr.Dtoid
Image52 Image53 Image51
Grendel Sam Max

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